Mage Hook, a smol Dungeon Crawler

It's released! Ah man, it's so good to finally have this more or lesss donnneee!!!
Mage-Hook is my 2nd game lead in the club. You can now play it at

It's my first time really jumping into pixel art and animation. I've worked really hard and studied as many  tutorials I could find. A huge shout out to saint11 and sandygordon for their amaazing gif tutorials. 

Get ready for some animations.

This is where I should start on my animations. Clear colors, blocked out movement. A lot of the time my blocking out looks better than my finished animations. Maybe I should make a game where everything is flat colors like this. 

I feel like this is one of those cases hahaha. I made things difficult by giving them a bone to hold in their hand. Silly Skelly, it's hard to tell the difference between your ribs and your hand. Lessons learned. 

There's a bunch more animations I made for the game. Here are some of my favorites. 

Files 12 MB
Nov 06, 2017


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Hi Clay-Taeto, I played your game until the end, and found that while the skeletons fought back hard, I could easily dispatch them when I had something solid to hide behind.

The first boss added a level o difficulty by not registering any hits from the side, while the second boss stopped running around after a while, so I started shooting at it from a distance, then closed in and continued hammering him with the 3 bullet spreadshot from up close :)

Kudos to making the player explore all the rooms to find all the heart powerups and spreadshot abilities :)